I mentioned in my last goals post that I had to schedule a laser follow up appointment….which made me realize I haven’t told you about it yet!!

So, let’s back up…I’ll make this quick, and try not to share TMI.

Basically, I hate shaving. I’ve come to terms with shaving my legs (I find that if I alternate shaving with using my “Silk-Epil” machine it’s a lot less irritating), however over the years shaving my underarms has become more and more painful. Not just that, but even if I’ve just shaved I still look like I have a shadow under my arms. It’s annoying.

My sister has been raving about laser hair removal for years now, and I even went in for a consultation a few years back.  I had them quote a bunch of different areas, and basically I could get my underarms for about $700, bikini for around $1300, and face for another $1200. Each 6 treatments or so, with a “lifetime warranty”. I was considering it pretty seriously, but in the end my mom told me to shop around some more.

Anyway, to get to the point….a few months ago my sister alerted me to the fact that laser companies were starting to offer up treatments on groupon. Usually 3-6 treatments for $50-100. So I started to keep an eye out. When I finally saw 6 treatments go for $100 I jumped on it!! I was going to get my underarms lasered!

A few weeks after that, Living Social posted another one…..this time, bikini line was an option….so I jumped on it too!

So that’s the story. I had my first underarm treatment a couple of weeks ago, and I’m due for the next one in 4-5 weeks (which is what I need to schedule). The first bikini treatment is this weekend! I know it’s a completely unnecessary expense, but it’s something I’ve really wanted to do, and I was willing to pull from my savings to finance it. Let’s hope it works!

(Moral of the story: listen to your mom. If I’d paid all that money for laser treatments back then I’d be so mad now!)