Guys, it’s been a month. And guess what?

…I’ve survived!

I hate to be all “positive” and stuff (after all, I do love to make myself the victim), but I honestly feel pretty great right now. I mean, I still get a little sting every now and then when I think about my ex-boyfriend, but 90% of the time I’m pretty good.

Without going into too many details I’ll just say it really, really sucked for a while. I’m glad to report though that I haven’t seen him since the night he broke up with me! I thought you all were crazy when you said it’d be easier to heal if I didn’t see or talk to him at all, but apparently you all know what you’re talking about.

I realize I’m not completely “over him” and I’m likely to experience some more setbacks in the future, but hey, this is a fantastic start. I’m feeling pretty good about myself at the moment, and I plan to enjoy it. I’m at the lowest I’ve weighed in YEARS (breaking up is by far the easiest/most effective diet I’ve ever done!). I’m starting to feel like myself again…I knew I’d turned a corner the day I thought to myself “I’m in the mood for push-ups.” Needless to say, I’ve started to work out and take dance classes once again. I didn’t want to look at my sewing machine for weeks, but now I’m making plans for my summer wardrobe and new projects. Best of all, I’ve realized (and embraced the fact that) I can flirt now! I’d forgotten how much fun flirting was! lol (Not that I’m ready to date or anything….that’s a whole other topic you can look forward to reading about in the future….)

Anyway, I went a bit longer with this than intended, but I just wanted to check in to let you all know….I’m ok. You guys have been awesome with your kind and wise words. I’ve read and re-read your comments, and I’m so thankful. =]