I met with my new landlady yesterday and she handed over the keys to my new apartment a couple days early! Needless to say, the move has also started a little earlier than expected.

Tonight I went over to the new place after work and did a bit of cleaning, then I drove back here, picked up a few things (mainly toilet paper, soap, and a lamp) and head back over. The move has officially begun! (Did I mention my two residences are only a few blocks away from each other?)

So, this will be the last time I blog from this apartment. We’ve had a good run. This place is charged with memories, both good and bad. While lately I find myself wanting to run from the bad ones, I know I’m going to miss this place….my first apartment.

(By the way, I failed to realize how quickly the move was creeping up and I have yet to look into the internet provider in the new building! Which means I’ll probably be offline for a few days starting on Saturday….I’ll be back though!)