HELLO everyone!!

I debated for a while on whether or not I should come back here at all (oh, who am I kidding….I really didn’t. Sorry. I just found myself bored tonight and wondering where I could possibly vent my thoughts in anonymity….and well, here I am!) 

I feel kind of guilty for abandoning this blog (not because I abandoned any “fans”….I’m sure any former readers have gotten along fine without me). What I felt guilty about is that this was yet another thing that I just gave up on. Kind of like my budget. Just….forgotten. I’m better than that, right?

To be honest, money has not been my focus AT ALL for the past year. I took a much lower paying job, and surprisingly enough I haven’t worried about money at all, and I haven’t been short or had to draw from my savings. Then again, I haven’t saved at all this year….

Oh, now for some updates!!!

1) I actually haven’t seen the ex since we broke up nearly a year ago (crazy, right?!! so proud of myself…..although I will not-so-proudly admit that I do look him on on Facebook now and then, and get a bit jealous at all the fun he looks like he’s having without me….)

2) I haven’t dated anyone either. Not on purpose. I’ve just been crazy busy with work, and it’s not like I get a lot of eligible bachelors come across my path on a regular basis. Well, I take that back….I guess I’m not trying hard enough. More about that some other time. 😉

3) I got Lasik eye surgery!! It is awesome, although I still need drops at least once a day. Still worth it. 

4) Work is killing me. But I love it. The guy that was my supervisor left last month with just a week’s notice and we were left scrambling…..and it also happened to leave me (kind of) in charge, and with his accounts. On the bright side I should start seeing the financial benefits somewhat soon. On the not-so-bright side I’ve been working a lot more hours….and I’m still salaried. The funny part is I really feel like I’m making a difference, so I work willingly. 

5) I got a new computer!! My laptop died a couple months ago, so I made a double switch…..to a desktop….and a Mac! I got a sexy new iMac!

Anyway, I can’t guarantee I’m back for good…..but it feels good to be back.