moving out

I met with my new landlady yesterday and she handed over the keys to my new apartment a couple days early! Needless to say, the move has also started a little earlier than expected.

Tonight I went over to the new place after work and did a bit of cleaning, then I drove back here, picked up a few things (mainly toilet paper, soap, and a lamp) and head back over. The move has officially begun! (Did I mention my two residences are only a few blocks away from each other?)

So, this will be the last time I blog from this apartment. We’ve had a good run. This place is charged with memories, both good and bad. While lately I find myself wanting to run from the bad ones, I know I’m going to miss this place….my first apartment.

(By the way, I failed to realize how quickly the move was creeping up and I have yet to look into the internet provider in the new building! Which means I’ll probably be offline for a few days starting on Saturday….I’ll be back though!)


Previously on Quarterlife Finances…

-I finally get a job after 1 year and 1 month of unemployment.

-Discover I really enjoy this job, even though initially I had my hesitations.

-Everything is going wonderfully….

-BF returns from a work trip to Europe, he continues with his quarterlife crisis antics, I play along.

-BF dumps me. I’m devastated. (On the bright side, I lose 5 pounds!)


Then I kinda disappeared….again…

Well, here’s what you’ve missed…

-I start my recovery from the breakup. It sucks. Really.

-I realize my lease will be up in a couple of months. I start to consider moving in with my parents again…

-I get depressed thinking about how I’ll have to sell all my furniture to move back into my parents house.

-I take out my emotional turmoil on my wallet. I go shopping.

-I get a new haircut, I get new shoes, some new clothes….I start to feel fabulous.

-I realize I’m too fabulous to live with my parents again. The search for a smaller, cheaper apartment begins.

-I turn 27 and have a fabulous party with my family and a few friends.

-My best friend from high school gets married. I attend solo, and surprisingly enough…I have an amazing time!

-I find an apartment I like! And just in time….I give my 30 day notice to my landlord.

-I jump through hoops to get approved to move into this association…3 letters of recommendation, a background check, a 200 question test, and a car inspection later I’m approved!

And so here we are. I move on the 13th…that’s just next Saturday!! I’m really excited. I feel like I’m turning a corner and getting ready to begin a fresh new chapter in my life. (Hm, let’s see how many more clichés I can squeeze in here…) Of course, life doesn’t really change with me moving, but it feels like a big step in the right direction. Tune in again on Monday….when I reveal… goals for August!!!! (Somewhat anti-climactic, I’m sure…) Have a good weekend!

Who knew moving would be so expensive?!!

Ok, so maybe everyone already knows that. But still, it took me experiencing it first hand to realize how much money left my hands this past month.

A few things to keep in mind though, which may have led to drastically different conclusions from the average person moving:
1) I didn’t have much to move, so I didn’t have to hire movers, or go through as much stress as someone who has more stuff would’ve gone through

2) I didn’t have to evacuate my prior living space by a deadline. It’s my parents house. In fact, I still have a good amount of my stuff there now. (All junk.)

3) I had next to no furniture (unless you count a nightstand, a chest, and a TV as a lot of furniture), and practically none of the things I needed to live on my own (i.e. kitchen and bathroom stuff). On the one hand that made it slightly easier to move, but it also meant I had to buy a lot of stuff.

So, here were my expenses:

Rental Deposit $2,300
HOA Application $100
Target $32.09 (Dishes, 16-pc)
Walmart $14.95 (3 CFL’s, 2 Bath Towels, 1 Kitchen Towel)
Crate & Barrel $21.40 (8 glasses)
Sam’s Club $33.47 (Mixing Bowls, 2 hand towels, 2 wash cloths)
Costco $9.63 (Kitchen anti-fatigue floor mat)
Sam’s Club $641.08 (Mattress, coverlet, sheets, and pyrex set)
Bed, Bath, and Beyond $25.67 (20-pc flatware)
Pottery Barn $25.00 (Blue/White porcelain plates)
Macy’s $74.88 (12-piece cookware and preparation bowls)
Costco $32.09 (Mattress cover)
Costco $559.26 $398.74(Couch and laundry detergent, price for the couch went down recently!)
Sam’s Club $40.15 (Swiffer kit, bath rugs, pillows)
Walmart $69.72 (lamps, water filters, runner, cutting board, pot holders)
Z Gallerie $793.14 (bed w/ delivery)
Bed, Bath, and Beyond $25.66 (2 santoku knives, 1 utility knife)
Walmart $46.45 (runner, dish rack, raid)
Furniture store $491.91 (Dining table set and delivery)

Total: $5,326.92 $5,166.40 (or $984.09 $823.57 over budget)

With the exception of a few items I took out from my regular monthly budget, with $5,000 I was able to move in and furnish my own apartment. Not too bad if you ask me!

The whole purchasing process was full of internal conflict for me. The whole time I knew I wanted something well priced, reasonable, I definitely don’t need super expensive things in my place. But at the same time I didn’t want to feel like I was furnishing a college dorm with disposable things everywhere. I want my things to last me a while, not just during the time I’m staying in this particular place. The whole time I was pushing and pulling from either side. I’d have to say I’m happy with how things turned out though. I ended up with many quality items that are basic, and just enough for my neeeds. While I have way more stuff than I technically “need”, I’m not living in excess either.

The next time I have to move I’ll be doing things a little differently. For one,  I’ll be hiring movers. I felt guilty every time I needed to borrow someone’s car because something didn’t fit in mine, and every time that my dad or BIL had to carry something heavy up the stairs. I just hate having to ask people for favors in general. I know it will be expensive, but I think hiring movers (or at least renting one big truck for everything) would make things go a bit more smoothly. Plus, I now have a lot more things to move. Including real (i.e. big) furniture.  

All in all, I didn’t find the actual process very different from preparing to move into a new dorm. Minus the excitement of starting school. (And more money to shop with.) After I was done I just went back to work, and no one even knew anything happened during my weekend. (Have I mentioned I really miss college? Minus the part where I had next to no money, of course.)

And so begins the next stage of my life….living on my own (for reals this time)! Finally!

I was hanging out at Costco with the family this past weekend (what, you guys don’t go to Costco for fun?) and of course we had to stop by the furniture section. I had already bought a couch at Costco, and after Saturday’s little breaking-in-of-the-stand-mixer party, we were all well aware that I could do with a few more seats around the apartment.

My sister was the first to see it. My couch. On sale. The horror!

I had previously purchased the couch for $499, what I thought was a good price. However, just two weeks later they have lowered it down to $350!! I was outraged for a bit (I HATE it when that happens!) until my sister pointed out that she’d gotten plenty of price adjustments at Costco in the past. Unfortunately I didn’t have my receipt with me, and on top of that I had bought it with my dad’s membership card and he was currently 2 hours away. So much for that.

Instead we returned yesterday evening. I went, prepared for a good fight ($150! It’s worth a fight, even for the confrontation avoiding me), but instead was greeted with a smile and within 10 minutes I was handed $160 in cash.


So yes, had I bought any other couch I would’ve still been out $500 (or likely more), but instead my couch just saved me $160!

Now what to do with the money…save it and replenish my emergency fund (afterall, I did go almost $1,000 over budget), OR should I buy an armchair with it?!!

I know, I know. I’ll save it….for now.  😉

Or so I think.

I charged up another small fortune this weekend. I’ll be paying it off as soon as the bill comes, of course, but its still not going to be pretty. In fact, I’ve been avoiding updating my spreadsheets, because I know I went WAY OVER the limits I set for myself. A full update will be coming soon, but for now, a quick one…

I bought three big items this weekend*:

1. A bed. The Alto Bed from Z Gallerie. It won’t be delivered until late September, but I’m getting the “white glove service”. They carry it up, assemble, and take the trash with them. $794 Total.

2. Dining Table Set. From a local store. It was discounted to $399 from $600 (because it was a floor model). Pretty good deal. The deciding factor for me was for almost the same price as Walmart (kinda, they had a wood table set for $297) I would get a better quality, upholstered seats, and a granite top. $427 for the table, $65 for delivery, $492 Total.

3. A Stand Mixer!!! Got an “Empire Red” 5 Qt Kitchenaid Artisan Series mixer at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $299, with their 20% coupon it was $240, and they also have the BBB/manufacturer’s rebate deal going on where they give me $40 back (thanks to the reader that suggested that. I forgot who it was!  Calgirlfinance, you just saved me at least $20, possibly $60 if the rebate goes though!) I just need to figure out what form to use. Assuming I get the rebate the total will be $200!!! Even if I only get that 20% discount it’s still a better deal than I would’ve gotten at Macy’s. (They’re also giving a free 12-month subscription to Travel or Food&Wine. Although another fine-print-option is to ask for the refund on that too….which would give me an extra $12. Is the magazine worth it?)

I don’t really want to add all that up on a Monday. The good part is that the stand mixer is coming from my gift fund, so no damage there. Also, with a dining table and a bed now purchased I’m pretty much DONE. Sure, I could continue accessorizing, but I can fully function, and even have guests over as the apartment is right now.

In fact, I’ve already got a stand mixer breaking-in party in the works….Saturday afternoon….my place….lots of cookies!!


* I also bought a few smaller things. Such as an iron, whisk, two santoku knives, a utility knife, the other runner I needed, and a dish rack (to dry my dishes in the sink). Oh, and “Raid”….just in case (I’m terrified of roaches).

Another random update: my landlord was able to locate my garbage bin, and said it would be in front of my garage that day. Well, I got home late and couldn’t put it away. The next evening when I got back….it was gone again! I think a phone call is in order. I’m sure this guy thinks I’m completely useless, lol. But hey, that’s two weeks I can’t take out the trash! (They won’t pick it up if its not in an official bin.) I finally took down my recycling though. The good news is that having no garbage bin forced me to sort out the recyclables….and there were A LOT of things to recycle!

I feel like I spent up a storm this weekend. I spent at least a couple hundred dollars, not counting the couch, and yet I still have more stuff to buy. Here’s my latest list:

-Knives. I want to get just two: a chef’s knife (or a santoku), and a paring knife.

-Utensil tray. I’m heading to the dollar store for that. I didn’t buy it on my first trip because I wasn’t sure it’d fit. Now I know it will.

-Dish strainer. Is that what they’re called? Its just one of those racks you put in the sink and wait for your dishes to dry. I have a dishwasher I could hook up (its not at the moment), however if its just me most of the time, I don’t really have enough dishes to make up a load, and yet still have dishes left to eat with. I think I’m better off using the sink.

-Groceries. I suppose I’ll have to eat eventually.

-Bed frame. Need to keep looking around. I’m just glad I’m in no real rush. Beds (nice ones, at least) are expensive!

-Area rug. I want something colorful, but not crazy. I didn’t see anything at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I’ve also gone to two Targets, and neither of them had the one I liked in stock. I’m switching to an online search soon, and I’d like to spend under $200 for a 5×7 rug.

-Runner. I bought one, but the hallway is kinda long. I’m thinking I’ll buy another one in the same pattern. The only reason I’m getting a runner, is because there’s one bathroom, and in order to get to it you need to walk across a beige carpet. It shouldn’t be a problem when it’s just me, but I don’t want to make guests take off their shoes to go to the bathroom!

-Table lamps. One for the living room, on the side table, and one for the master bedroom….I suppose for my nightstand. I want them to be cheap, but not look it. No clue as to the style.

-Dining table. We had a piece of smoky glass that my mom told me I could have. I’ve kept an eye out for any possible bases, but have found nothing yet. I’m realizing it’ll probably be easier and I’ll spend about the same amount of money if I just buy a whole dining set from one of the furniture stores and forget the glass.

-TV console. I’m not entirely convinced with my dorm-style desk/TV console. I’ll keep an eye out for one, but again, I’m in no hurry to replace this one.

-Shoe organizer. I’ve decided to use the hallway closet for my shoes. (Tee-hee.) I supposed I could fit them in the master bedroom closet, but realistically they would take up the whole closet, no longer making it a “walk-in” (I blame the low rods. Why didn’t they install them just a few inches higher?!) I have a temporary solution, but would like something that looks nicer eventually.

-Stand mixer. I really, really want one….like, NOW!

-TV. Ok, this isn’t exactly “ON” the list. But seeing my little old white 19″ with the built-in VHS player (not even a flat screen) sitting on my dorm-style bean shaped desk…..well, I can’t help but want an upgrade. It’s the one thing keeping me from feeling like an adult!! Ok, perhaps that is an exaggeration. The worst part is I want a new TV, but I’m not willing to part with the money. (What, there’s a 32″ on sale for $399 at Costco? Bah….not big enough for me….)

-Painting supplies. I still haven’t painted that wooden side table my mom said I could have, and my sister mentioned she was going to give me her old coffee table. I’ll be painting them black. Oh, did I mentioned I’m no longer going to paint the wardrobe? I got lazy. lol. Besides, it doesn’t look too bad in the larger room, with light walls. (I had dark green walls before.) I still want to replace the pulls, so I can get those when I get the paint stuff.

-Spare keys. I can only lock the deadbolt with a key from the inside, so I’d like a spare key I can keep in the kitchen (so I don’t have to consistenly use my “master set”). I’d also like my parents to keep a set of keys at their house, because you never know….

That is all for now. Let’s hope this list doesn’t keep going, otherwise I’m going to go broke furnishing this apartment!

What a weekend. Partly exciting, partly expensive, mostly stressful. I hate moving.

At first I thought it’d be a piece of cake, considering I don’t have much stuff to move. When I decided on a memory foam mattress,  I thought that had resolved my worst problems. Well, maybe it did, but that didn’t mean it was a flawless move. I ended up deciding to take my 5-drawer chest with me, and at the last minute decided I might as well take my nightstand and my cheap-o walmart desk. So I did have furniture to move.

It’s a good thing I took my desk. I ended up changing my mind about the Ikea TV console. My sister convinced me I shouldn’t have the TV at an angle to the couch….nonsense. But either way she got me thinking about using a corner console (I didn’t like the other options). So, not wanting to spend $200 on one, I thought of using my bean-shaped walmart desk to hold the TV in the living room for now.

I tried hooking up the cable last night. My parents found an unused cable at home, so I took it, plugged it in on both ends, turned on the TV…..and NOTHING. I got 3 fuzzy channels. Much less than I got at my parents house with nothing but a digital converter. Anyone have any tips for me before I call Comcast?

I finally found a couch. At Costco. Beige. Or so I thought…..but when we finally got it into the apartment (I’d recap that, but with only my dad and myself, sister, mom, and aunt….it was kinda stressful, and I’d like to forget about how it almost didn’t fit through the door, and I was scared it’d fall over and take the stair railing with it), next to the light green walls (as left by the landlord) it looks kinda green instead. I’m hoping that with some art on the walls, and a little more color in the room it won’t look as green/beige. Right now it looks really blah.

Yesterday afternoon, after we were done carrying in the couch we were sitting in my new living room, when my aunt noticed it was a little warm. Turns out the AC was only blowing warm air. I was in a bad mood already (stressed out), so I figured I’d wait until later that night and come back to see if it was any better. Bearable enough to spend the night. Predictably, when I got back last night it was worse than before. The A/C was definitely broken, and will definitely not be fixing itself anytime soon. I picked up some clothes, and spent another night at my parent’s house. I’m calling the landlord today. (Should’ve called him yesterday. Ugh.) Hopefully that can be resolved this afternoon and I can actually sleep in my own apartment.

So, I’m almost moved in. My stuff is there, the only thing missing now is me. lol.

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