Previously on Quarterlife Finances…

-I finally get a job after 1 year and 1 month of unemployment.

-Discover I really enjoy this job, even though initially I had my hesitations.

-Everything is going wonderfully….

-BF returns from a work trip to Europe, he continues with his quarterlife crisis antics, I play along.

-BF dumps me. I’m devastated. (On the bright side, I lose 5 pounds!)


Then I kinda disappeared….again…

Well, here’s what you’ve missed…

-I start my recovery from the breakup. It sucks. Really.

-I realize my lease will be up in a couple of months. I start to consider moving in with my parents again…

-I get depressed thinking about how I’ll have to sell all my furniture to move back into my parents house.

-I take out my emotional turmoil on my wallet. I go shopping.

-I get a new haircut, I get new shoes, some new clothes….I start to feel fabulous.

-I realize I’m too fabulous to live with my parents again. The search for a smaller, cheaper apartment begins.

-I turn 27 and have a fabulous party with my family and a few friends.

-My best friend from high school gets married. I attend solo, and surprisingly enough…I have an amazing time!

-I find an apartment I like! And just in time….I give my 30 day notice to my landlord.

-I jump through hoops to get approved to move into this association…3 letters of recommendation, a background check, a 200 question test, and a car inspection later I’m approved!

And so here we are. I move on the 13th…that’s just next Saturday!! I’m really excited. I feel like I’m turning a corner and getting ready to begin a fresh new chapter in my life. (Hm, let’s see how many more clichés I can squeeze in here…) Of course, life doesn’t really change with me moving, but it feels like a big step in the right direction. Tune in again on Monday….when I reveal…..my goals for August!!!! (Somewhat anti-climactic, I’m sure…) Have a good weekend!


Guys, it’s been a month. And guess what?

…I’ve survived!

I hate to be all “positive” and stuff (after all, I do love to make myself the victim), but I honestly feel pretty great right now. I mean, I still get a little sting every now and then when I think about my ex-boyfriend, but 90% of the time I’m pretty good.

Without going into too many details I’ll just say it really, really sucked for a while. I’m glad to report though that I haven’t seen him since the night he broke up with me! I thought you all were crazy when you said it’d be easier to heal if I didn’t see or talk to him at all, but apparently you all know what you’re talking about.

I realize I’m not completely “over him” and I’m likely to experience some more setbacks in the future, but hey, this is a fantastic start. I’m feeling pretty good about myself at the moment, and I plan to enjoy it. I’m at the lowest I’ve weighed in YEARS (breaking up is by far the easiest/most effective diet I’ve ever done!). I’m starting to feel like myself again…I knew I’d turned a corner the day I thought to myself “I’m in the mood for push-ups.” Needless to say, I’ve started to work out and take dance classes once again. I didn’t want to look at my sewing machine for weeks, but now I’m making plans for my summer wardrobe and new projects. Best of all, I’ve realized (and embraced the fact that) I can flirt now! I’d forgotten how much fun flirting was! lol (Not that I’m ready to date or anything….that’s a whole other topic you can look forward to reading about in the future….)

Anyway, I went a bit longer with this than intended, but I just wanted to check in to let you all know….I’m ok. You guys have been awesome with your kind and wise words. I’ve read and re-read your comments, and I’m so thankful. =]

I mentioned in my last goals post that I had to schedule a laser follow up appointment….which made me realize I haven’t told you about it yet!!

So, let’s back up…I’ll make this quick, and try not to share TMI.

Basically, I hate shaving. I’ve come to terms with shaving my legs (I find that if I alternate shaving with using my “Silk-Epil” machine it’s a lot less irritating), however over the years shaving my underarms has become more and more painful. Not just that, but even if I’ve just shaved I still look like I have a shadow under my arms. It’s annoying.

My sister has been raving about laser hair removal for years now, and I even went in for a consultation a few years back.  I had them quote a bunch of different areas, and basically I could get my underarms for about $700, bikini for around $1300, and face for another $1200. Each 6 treatments or so, with a “lifetime warranty”. I was considering it pretty seriously, but in the end my mom told me to shop around some more.

Anyway, to get to the point….a few months ago my sister alerted me to the fact that laser companies were starting to offer up treatments on groupon. Usually 3-6 treatments for $50-100. So I started to keep an eye out. When I finally saw 6 treatments go for $100 I jumped on it!! I was going to get my underarms lasered!

A few weeks after that, Living Social posted another one…..this time, bikini line was an option….so I jumped on it too!

So that’s the story. I had my first underarm treatment a couple of weeks ago, and I’m due for the next one in 4-5 weeks (which is what I need to schedule). The first bikini treatment is this weekend! I know it’s a completely unnecessary expense, but it’s something I’ve really wanted to do, and I was willing to pull from my savings to finance it. Let’s hope it works!

(Moral of the story: listen to your mom. If I’d paid all that money for laser treatments back then I’d be so mad now!)

Well, technically it is now Wednesday, but that’s what I found myself thinking throughout the day….”It’s only Tuesday?!”

Just to fill you all in….the wedding went well. I didn’t forget to take anything, I didn’t screw up the ceremony, and all was well. (I thought my hair looked ok the day of, although looking at a picture someone posted online it looks kinda….well, not great. Oh well.) The whole affair was lovely. The weather couldn’t have been better. The food was GREAT (especially at the rehearsal dinner…YUM. I also got to eat crabs for the first time!) Most importantly I was able to be a part of my friend’s day and I got to reconnect with some old friends from college. It was great. It was also my first time meeting the groom, and I’m thrilled to say that I really liked him!

(And because I know you’re curious….total money spent? Under $180! That’s $170 for the ticket, $2.50 for my train fare back to the airport, and $5.50 for lunch at the airport. Everything else was covered either by the bride or her mom.)

That being said, I was very eager to get back home. However on Monday I found myself….well, for lack of a better word, unmotivated. I had plenty to do, but I couldn’t bring myself to do any of it. Among these things: work out, follow up on last week’s interview, send my resume to a friend for various openings, work on stuff for my Etsy shop, and work on some personal projects. I did none of it. Even today I only did about half the things I should’ve done.

I feel very conflicted right now, if I must be honest….I feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of sewing I need to do, and the fact that I need to crank out a bunch of things for my shop. I also haven’t made any sales in a couple of weeks, so that’s bumming me out. On top of that I’m behind on my personal sewing, but working on that makes me feel guilty. (Plus purchasing any supplies makes me feel extra guilty.) I’m also excited about my dance class that starts up soon….but I feel guilty even talking about it because I haven’t had any income in over 8 months, so in theory I shouldn’t be spending that kind of money, right?

I’m also kind of bummed that 1) I haven’t been called back for a second interview for that job, 2) I haven’t been contacted regarding that “perfect” position I applied for (or any other positions, for that matter), and 3) the only leads I have right now are for jobs that I’m not crazy about.

So, just so I don’t end this on a negative note….I am very excited to start my dance course tomorrow. Not only will I learn a new dance (this time we’re doing “Bollywood”!), but I’ll get to see my old friends from the studio. After that it’ll be Thursday (which means “Comedy Night done right!!” with the BF), and then Friday and the weekend are just around the corner!

Wow, it’s another Friday! No spending update today. I’ve been too busy, working blogging shopping,  ok, I admit…it just slipped my mind! lol. Instead I’ll give you a few other updates:

Job Front:
Nothing exciting. I actually applied for a job for the first time earlier today. I’d seen the post a couple days ago and had been kicking back and forth about it, and finally decided I had nothing to lose. Here’s the thing: it’s not what I was doing before, but it’s something I HAD done before with my former company (remember? I had a three part rotation during my first two years there). Well, the thing is that I’m not the best at it….in fact I finished that rotation never wanting to do it again with my company, BUT this position is on a somewhat smaller scale and just seems like something I can handle!

But then I start thinking of all the other things…..what if they ask me some specifics during the interview and I don’t know the answer? So embarrassing! Or what if they call my old boss for a reference? While he totally knows I’m smart and capable….he knows how that rotation ended. What if he laughs?!

I think the biggest thing I’ve been revisiting during my job post searching is the question of whether I really want to stay in the industry. Whether I’m really capable? (Since, let’s be honest, I was ultimately chosen to be let go because I wasn’t the strongest employee.) I honestly don’t know. Going back to my old position is pretty clear cut – no. But something else? If anything I could give it a shot for a few months, decide then that it’s no longer for me, and start this over…..

That being said, let’s just hope I get an interview, for starters.

(By the way, I loved this little ditty from Career Builders in the email confirming my application went through:

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get an immediate response from this employer. We have numerous ideal matches for you, so keep applying. And remember, the more you apply, the more opportunity you have to get a call back!

I dunno, I thought that was sweet of them. Although they don’t really have a bunch of ideal matches for me, lol.)

The BF Front:
Not sure how many of you care…..but holy crap I’ve been a mess at times, and the poor BF is the one to suffer. May be hormones, may be stress, but I’ve found myself lashing out un-proportionately (?) when the BF does something that annoys me. At times he has somewhat insensitively cracked jokes about my unemployment, but that was partly my fault since I’d made it seem like everything was ok (and cracked a few jokes myself). He quickly learned it wasn’t, and hasn’t done that since.

That being said, he’s employed….which has been a huge change to get used to after he’d been freelancing (and broke) for two years. Talk of moving closer to work and further from me has me on edge….Anyway, I’ll stop before I write a whole novel.

The Hobby Front:
Unfortunately I haven’t been to many dance classes since I was laid off. One, actually. Money is one constraint, and time is another….well, I should say scheduling, since I have plenty of time. Talk of choreography courses have come up again. I’m absolutely torn. These courses are so much fun, and it’s awesome what they do for me. At the same time, just the course is $130….not to mention costuming (which, let’s face it, I would totally want to do). [sigh] I guess I know what my compromise should be, but I’m a bit of a brat at times.

In other awesome hobby news, I got my sewing machine yesterday!! I practiced for a bit, and while I am no pro at this point, it’s totally not as intimidating/impossible as I thought it would be. I just need to slow down at this point, and I’ll be fine. I have some practice thread and fabric scraps, but I want to make something!! So, I may stop by the fabric store and grab some tulle to make my sister’s puppy a tutu today. =] (Or at least try to, since tulle doesn’t seem like the easiest material to sew.)

The Weekend Front:
For some inexplicable reason I invited everyone* over tonight for a “Happy Hour” at my place. It’s now 1pm and I have nothing ready….so time to get off the couch! I have some olives stuffed with pesto cream cheese planned, some Coffee Toffee bars, a couple of pizzas (if I have time for the dough, otherwise I’m making a last minute bruschetta), and of course, Brazilian Martinis (pink lemonade with Blueberry Acai Vodka). We’ll see what other stuff I become inspired to make as the time goes by. Oh, and I still have to clean!!!

Wish me luck, and have a great weekend!

*Everyone = my parents, the BF, my sister/BIL, my aunt, grandmother, two cousins….I hope I have enough cups…

I’m about a week behind on this, but seeing that I’m finally in a bit of a blogging mood, I thought it’d be a “fun” activity to copy participate in! (More so for me than for you, I’m sure, lol).

So, if you don’t know how it works, I’ll quote the good ol’ Ninja over at Punch Debt in the Face:

“I’m about to post up three pieces of information about me. You the reader, have the task to guess which two statements are fact, and which one is fabricated. This ain’t no Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, so no phoning a friend, asking the audience, or stalking me on google.”

So, let’s play, shall we?

Round #1: Getting personal

A. I didn’t get a drivers license until I was a senior in college.

B. I went to a real-life ball once, where I bumped into a well-known NBA player!

C. I’ve had to get over 30 stitches throughout my lifetime. (So far!)

I think I’ve only blogged about ONE of these….any guesses as to which one is the lie?!

Round #2: Financial Edition

A. Back when we were both working full time, I had a higher salary than my dad.

B. I have twice as much student loan debt than my older sister.

C. I refuse to pay $100 for a pair of shoes, but I bought $1,200 in jewelry for no special reason.

That one shouldn’t be too difficult since I’ve blogged about a couple of them!

So, leave your guesses in the comments, and leave your two truths and a lie if you want to play along!

I’d seen several bloggers do this already (I know there were more, so let me know if I missed your link!), and I figured….what better way to get me out of my blogging funk?! Who cares if I’m a copycat?

So I walked over to my shoe closet (and unfortunately, I DO have a shoe closet….meaning a closet solely for shoes. No pun intended.) and realized….oh crap, I’m going to be berated on my blog if I admit how many shoes I have. Geez, I’m supposed to be frugal!

After that I realized 1) I never claimed to be frugal on this blog (at least I didn’t mean to…and I was wrong if I did, lol), 2) I’ve accumulated these shoes over years so it’s not like I bought them all at once, 3) I’m emotionally attached to shoes, and 4) I think I have a shoe problem. =[

Ok, so I’m going to try to provide a description and pricing, where I remember, going from left to right. Feel free to zone out here and head over to the comments directly to yell at me for having so many shoes, or just yell at me in general (although I’d rather you didn’t do that).  I also realize I certainly don’t hold any records for shoe ownership…which is a little scary (and, I’ll admit, relieving).

Anyway, starting at the top, from left to right. (Click on the pictures to zoom in)

1. Black Leather loafers, (I think, the label wore off), about $40 Nine West (these are old, I’m thinking 2003)

2. Burgundy leather loafers,  ~$40 Nine West

3. Cognac and Grey Mary Janes, $12 Ross (SUPER comfy.)

4. Black and White Leather heels, $30 Macy’s

5. Black Chunky Sling-backs, $30 DSW

6. Black flat loafers $45 DSW

7. Blue Patent sling backs $24 DSW

8. Red Flat Sandals, $15 Payless

9. Black Suede Mary Janes, $24 DSW

10. Black sandals (2″ heel) $24 DSW

11. Black and silver sandals (2″ heel?) $35 Parade of Shoes (closed long ago….I wore these on my first “date” with the BF…Homecoming Dance ’02!)

12. Red and White Sandals, $8 Payless

13. White Leather vintage sandals $16 after repairs

14. Plaid Flats $5 Payless (these are embarrassingly worn out and I’ve been meaning to get rid of them, but they work well when I need to slip something on in a hurry!)

15. White Gladiator Sandals $15 Payless

16. White and pink Flats $7 Payless

17. Blue Floral Flats $12 DSW

18. Brown Strappy Sandals (flat) $15 Payless

19. Blue Satin Ballet Flats $40 DSW (my first ballet flats)

20. Adidas (aka my “old” running shoes) $40 online (I use them if I think I’m going to run in the rain, or anything dirty like that)

21. Airwalks (aka “Ponverse”….since they are clearly Converse knock-offs) $14

22. Flip Flops…first pair was a freebie, 2nd pair $1.50 at Old Navy, Green pair $4 at Gap YEARS ago (another black pair is missing….also from gap, for $5)

These are my shoes on the left that are kind of hidden from view in that first picture (starting from left corner, down):

23. Bowling Shoes, $10  Ebay after shipping (yes, I have bowling shoes…we used to have free bowling for ladies every Monday at school, so I bought them to save on shoe rentals)

24. Asics (current running shoes), $70? Sports Authority

25. Black Boots, Payless $25 (one of the VERY few boots that fit around my calves)

26. Tan Boots, Payless $25 (…never worn….VERY tight around the calves. I must’ve been thinner when I bought them)

The last section (yes, there’s more!) consists of my heels….here it goes…starting from the top left, to right:

27. Burgundy Suede Heels, $24 Nine West

28. Multi-colored chunky heels, $60 Nine West (my most expensive pair of shoes, other than running shoes)

29. Purple Suede Peeptoe pumps, $14 DSW (LOVE these, but not so comfy)

30. Electric Blue Suede Heels, $40 Macy’s (bought with a birthday gift card)

31. Houndstooth (or is that some other kind of “check”?) Heels, $20 DSW

32. Black and gold suede/faux-croc wedges, under $20? Payless

33. Black Suede/Wood Wedge heels, $20 Payless

34. Olive Green/Brown Patent heels, $8 DSW

35. Brown Leather/Suede/Faux-croc Heels (almost 4″!), $40 Nine West

36. Tan “suede” sandals, $17 Payless

37. Nude Sandals, $24 Nine West

38. Pink Canvas Pumps, $16 Payless

39. Brown and Gold Sandals, $45 Nine West

40. Black Satin Braided sandals, $22 Payless

41. Red Satin Peeptoes, $11 DSW

42. Black Leather Mary Janes, $40 DSW (I’ve been meaning to throw these out because they are so beat up, but I LOVE them! I’m going to try and recondition them first)

43. Brown Suede Peeptoes, $14 DSW

44. Black Leather ankle strap heels, $45? Parade of Shoes (my mom bought them for me in preparation for NYE….2000!)

45. Patent Leather Bow heels, $28 Ross

Only two more pairs of shoes are missing: a pair of really beat up gold thong sandals from Payless (about $10?) and my workboots…which I got for free at a Caterpillar raffle (career fair), valued at ~$100. I keep them in my car.

I’m not even going to attempt to add up what these shoes have cost me….I’d really just cry.

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