HELLO everyone!!

I debated for a while on whether or not I should come back here at all (oh, who am I kidding….I really didn’t. Sorry. I just found myself bored tonight and wondering where I could possibly vent my thoughts in anonymity….and well, here I am!) 

I feel kind of guilty for abandoning this blog (not because I abandoned any “fans”….I’m sure any former readers have gotten along fine without me). What I felt guilty about is that this was yet another thing that I just gave up on. Kind of like my budget. Just….forgotten. I’m better than that, right?

To be honest, money has not been my focus AT ALL for the past year. I took a much lower paying job, and surprisingly enough I haven’t worried about money at all, and I haven’t been short or had to draw from my savings. Then again, I haven’t saved at all this year….

Oh, now for some updates!!!

1) I actually haven’t seen the ex since we broke up nearly a year ago (crazy, right?!! so proud of myself…..although I will not-so-proudly admit that I do look him on on Facebook now and then, and get a bit jealous at all the fun he looks like he’s having without me….)

2) I haven’t dated anyone either. Not on purpose. I’ve just been crazy busy with work, and it’s not like I get a lot of eligible bachelors come across my path on a regular basis. Well, I take that back….I guess I’m not trying hard enough. More about that some other time. 😉

3) I got Lasik eye surgery!! It is awesome, although I still need drops at least once a day. Still worth it. 

4) Work is killing me. But I love it. The guy that was my supervisor left last month with just a week’s notice and we were left scrambling…..and it also happened to leave me (kind of) in charge, and with his accounts. On the bright side I should start seeing the financial benefits somewhat soon. On the not-so-bright side I’ve been working a lot more hours….and I’m still salaried. The funny part is I really feel like I’m making a difference, so I work willingly. 

5) I got a new computer!! My laptop died a couple months ago, so I made a double switch…..to a desktop….and a Mac! I got a sexy new iMac!

Anyway, I can’t guarantee I’m back for good…..but it feels good to be back.




It only took me a week, but I finally have internet access again!

So what did I do while I was offline? Well, I moved (and let me tell you, it was exhausting), I cleaned, I organized (a little bit), and I shopped. And boy, have I shopped….

The good news is it’s already feeling like home. I feel really comfortable here, and other than a few things I have to get used to (like less space for my sewing stuff, and the presence of roaches….eww) I love it. I still have plenty of stuff to unpack, but I’m getting there. I also have a few more things to buy, but more about that next time…

Until then, have a good week!



I just wanted to drop in for a quick hello!

Friday marked the end of my 2nd week at the new job. All I can say is…wow. I’ve been super busy, and I’m enjoying it! No complaints just yet. I also got my very first paycheck yesterday. More on that another day though…

I’ve been wanting to just sit back and crank out a few posts…about my plans, goals, etc., but I’ve mostly been getting home exhausted after a long day and when I’m not napping I’ve been sewing! I have a big show coming up next week, and I’ve been using every free minute to try and boost my shop’s inventory for that.

On top of that, the BF has been staying with me for the past week. He’s currently homeless (short version: his apartment isn’t ready for him to move in, but he had to turn in the keys for the old one.), so that doesn’t leave a lot of time for anonymous PF blogging, lol. I’m actually enjoying it, but again, that’s another topic that’ll have to wait for another day…

So, a quick hello/good bye and I’ll be back in full swing in about a week! Thanks to everyone that has commented on my last posts, you guys really are awesome…

Have a great weekend!

…Because I’ve missed you!

I’ve been reading all of your blogs (and commenting every now and then) under a different non-anonymous name for the past few months. Today though, I clicked through to one of my regular blogs and when I saw my name on the blogroll I got a little nostalgic. (It was also a bit awkward when twitter suggested I follow myself on my non-anonymous account a couple of weeks ago…)

Anyway. I’m not even sure if anyone has kept me on their readers, but if you have I’m not ready to abandon this home quite yet. I’ll be back.

I know, it’s been a while. You all remember me, right?! Let me tell you, blogging about money is a lot harder when there’s no money coming in to talk about….

So, no job yet, but I’m doing alright. I’ve been keeping busy with my new business venture. The money isn’t rolling in, but people have been receptive to it. I also started a new blog (hobby related) and I realized how spoiled I’d gotten with this one and the awesome PF blogger community. (You guys are awesome!) It’s so hard to start from scratch! lol.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say I’m still alive and I hope to be back more often! (And perhaps even with something of interest to say?)  Even though I’m not commenting often I AM still trying to keep up with my reader….

I don’t have much to report, so I thought I’d default to my favorite random blog post format….bullet points!!

  • I turn 26 in a few days. I keep going back and forth between wanting to do nothing at all, just going out to dinner with the BF, and the usual family gathering at my parents house. The problem is that “just family” usually consists of about 30 people. I have a lot of family and I feel guilty about anyone making a fuss about me, particularly since money is tight all around.
  • Remember that job lead I had a couple of weeks ago? Well, I’ve been calling the guy, and he won’t answer my calls. So far I’ve only left two voicemails (don’t want to annoy him either), but I’ve called more often than that. It only occurred to me today that I can guess his email address and send him an email….I’m thinking that’s what I’ll do. Mostly because if there’s no chance of an opportunity, I want to know that so I’m not wasting our time.
  • My landlord contacted me about my lease. I told him I’d get back to him, but it doesn’t exactly feel like I have another option….other than moving back in with my parents, or renewing my lease. And I know I’m NOT moving back in with my parents.
  • I’ve been sewing a lot….sadly I don’t have a lot to show for it, mostly because I second guess everything I do. However I am making progress. I still need to come up with a name for my shop before I can “open doors”. I have a couple options I came up with, but I keep thinking they might be lamer than I’ve convinced myself they are.
  • I definitely want to start a sewing blog. Every time I find myself wanting to post it’s related to something I’m sewing or want to sew. I definitely don’t want to bore you all with that, so I’ll probably start one when I come up with a name for my shop. The question is if I actually want it linked to my shop. (It probably will be.)

That’s all for now!

It’s been nearly a month since my last post. While lots has happened, one thing remains the same….no job. Hopefully that’ll be the next thing to change.

A few “highlights” from the past month….

-I almost took a 3-month “assignment” working 10 days at a time 250 miles from the city, however I’m pretty sure I lost the opportunity because I was committed to performing one day in July. I’m still wondering if I made the right decision by keeping that commitment. (FYI, it wasn’t related to my line of work.)

-I’ve gotten a few new leads, but obviously they haven’t led to anything further. I also got rejected for a job that I was really excited about.

-I got into a pretty serious funk….money and blog-wise. I was this close to quitting. After all, what’s the point?! I guess PF blogging isn’t as much fun when there’s no money to blog about, but something always draws me back….I guess I just need an outlet for all the crazy stuff I can’t really air out with people “IRL”.

-I’ve been off my pill for over a week now. Nothing noticeable has happened yet (lol)….but the real test will be a month (or three) down the road when my hormones start normalizing again. Last time my skin got oily. This time I’m more concerned with my moods…..hopefully all that will go away without the pill in my system.

-I was upgraded to a Bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding, and I know the date of the wedding! (Early October) I now have to find a place to get fitted (the bride and MOH – who selected the dress – are out of state) since it apparently takes 3 months to order a dress. Luckily, the bride is awesome and will be paying for the dresses. As soon as I finalize the pre-wedding day plans I’ll book my flight.

-I finally took some action regarding something I’d been wanting to do for a while. Now I’m having doubts again, but it’s too late, I’ve already started….I guess.

Here’s a hint…More on that next time.  😉

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