I pretty much paid for my schooling myself….mostly through financial-aid, scholarships, and loans. Lots of them. I always forget though, that my mom helped too. She took out two plus loans over two semesters to help pay (basically, only because in order to be considered for Unsubsidized loans my mom had to apply. I would’ve rather paid it all myself).

Fast forward three years and my mom is still paying my loans. I feel incredibly guilty for this, and when you add this to the fact that I’m still living at home….I feel useless. I really would like to repay those loans for her, the only problem is I have no idea how much she owes, she won’t give me any information (believe me, I’ve asked), and writing a check is useless. (I have about $900 in checks out to her at the moment. It takes her months to deposit them, and who knows how many of them she has ignored and/or thrown out.)

Let me take a break for a rant. I don’t know WHAT it is with my mother. My dad finally gave in and let me give him $300 a month (a pathetic rent payment, if you ask me…), but my mom will NOT let me step in and contribute. I understand pride, but its ridiculous! I have to beg her to deposit the checks I give her….and that’s for things she’s paid for for me (like car insurance, plane tickets when we travel together, etc.). Its not like I’m broke!  Anyway, partly my fault, I just need to get out of the house….

Back to the loan. What do I do? Part of me says to just give it up, my mother’s stubborn as hell. But then again I chose to go to the school I went to (I could’ve gone for really cheap to a state school), she wasn’t part of the decision at all, so why should she be paying for it? Another part of me thinks that I may still have the loan information stored in my online banking from back when I was in school and I deposited part of my refund back into the loan account. But sending a payment is risky….what if that was another account number? What if the number changed? I don’t know what the balance is!! I’m pretty sure if I call the bank they won’t give me any information, since its not my account. I’ve even considered breaking into her statements, but then I run the risk of alienating her.

So, what would you do? Keep insisting to pay the loan, or call it a day and move on?