Thanks to everyone that wished me luck on my exam!

In school I generally wouldn’t get this nervous for tests….(I was seriously about to hyperventilate on Friday, for once I wasn’t exaggerating, lol). I was quite laid back, actually…which contributed to my nerves this time around. I feel as though I never really had to learn (i.e. memorize) anything in school.

To cut a long rambling story short I took my test this morning. AND I PASSED. By a lot. Out of 200 I got a 193! Whoo-hoo!! (FYI, I think the highest score in the company before that was a 186. So I’ll say it this once…I ROCK!)

So yes, I still have a residual headache from last night, but to be honest it might be because I haven’t had breakfast. I hadn’t really seen the light of day since Saturday, so I’m excited to just hang around on my day off before going back to work. =]

Has everyone voted? I’m glad I chose today to take my test and day off, because I get to feed off the excitement of tonight’s elections!! I’m not going to get political here, but its always exciting no matter who you’re rooting for. I voted early, so no standing in lines for me today…but apparently Starbucks is giving away coffee, and Ben & Jerry’s will be giving out ice cream, so perhaps I’ll end up in a line anyway.

I might also stop by the grocery store to pick up some stuff to do more baking. What better way to celebrate?!!

So yes, I just wanted to stop by and say I’m alive, I passed, and I can have my life back again!!!

Have a great week and election night!