I must say, I had an awesome weekend. I was going to give you the long and drawn out version, but you know how much I love lists…..

 –I went to a ball on Friday night! I thought it was a “gala” originally, but the fact that it was a “ball” is so much better! (Um, does anyone know if there’s an actual difference?)

 -The “ball” was surreal….we got our photos taken on a red carpet (and about 3 other times), there was a $1,000 lemonade stand (and people were actually buying them!), a teddy bear sold at the live auction for $10,000, and I was VERY tempted to grab a $100 grab bag at the Mayor’s (as in the jewelry) table but didn’t. I also got bumped into by a famous NBA player!!! (Or, according to my BF the story is I grabbed his butt. You pick the version you prefer.) 

-I woke up on Saturday (afternoon, lol) to find that my car was dead. Apparently the BF didn’t realize he turned on my lights, and then forgot to turn them off. Luckily he was there to start my car back up, otherwise I would’ve been a very grumpy girl.

 -Did you know new Corollas need a special override to put the car in neutral when you can’t turn it on? We found that out the hard way after some amusing drama. (I was stressed and hungry, ok!)

 -Enjoyed an afternoon/early evening in on Saturday, watching DVDs….until the BF met up with me again for a nice quiet dinner. Except we chose to go to a pub and forgot that it was a college football game night. Not so quiet.

 -The cold front came in on Saturday night, so Sunday morning was BEAUTIFUL!! It’s finally below 70 degrees!! (Remember, it was 90 degrees last weekend!!) Needless to say, my AC has been turned off, and I’m finally driving with the windows down! Here’s to hoping this weather sticks around!

 -I made a trip to Costco with my mom that totally made my weekend. Aside from the tons of free samples they actually had cranberries in stock! This means I can officially kick off my Fall baking! First on the list: Joy the Baker’s All-purpose Holiday Cake.

 -The one low-light….I was a tiny bit sad when I walked into “my room” at my parents house and found it occupied a tiny bit more by my parents stuff. The stuff I have left there is now piled up in a corner. It was nice sitting there with my mom talking though as I sorted out through my old stuff. Does this mean I have to grow up now?

 Coming up next week:
-Cooking classes Tuesday and Wednesday (gotta love Whole Foods!)
-Dance class Thursday
-A free book reading on Friday
-Girls night with mom and sister on Friday
-Botanical garden Saturday morning (girls’ night continued)
-My last pottery class
-My first belly dance choreography class!