I’ve gone over why Thursdays are my favorite day of the week in the past, and the feeling still stands. I love Thursdays, and this Thursday in particular I’m feeling pretty excited. Not that I have much to be excited by, but hey, why deny myself the feeling?

Here’s what I’m talking about:

1) Thursday = “Comedy Night, Done Right!” (aka: Earl, The Office, and 30 Rock night)

2) Lunch break!! I’m going to Moe’s to eat and then I’ll be stopping by the grocery store to buy bread, pita, and supplies for the dessert I’m making for Valentine’s day. (I hope $16 is enough for everything.)

3) I look cute today (actually, a coworker said the outfit was “fabulous”, lol) and I get to wear jeans tomorrow (which is good because I’m out of clean, cute clothes. I really need to get some new work pants!)

4) I haven’t lost weight, but I’ve been feeling way thinner! I really think my core is getting stronger too!! How exciting! lol

5) I received a surprise check yesterday from a survey company for $14.00! Along with the $25 Amex gift card I should be getting any day now I have plenty for a new pair of pants and maybe a shirt if I find some good sales. =] (Oh, and have I mentioned I should get getting another $50 Amex card for completing a healthcare survey at work? Wee!! I love “free” money!)

I suppose I’m most excited about my lunch and the trip to the grocery store. Sad isn’t it? hehe. Either way, I’d take one of these days over my “gloomy” days ANYday!

May your Thursday be merry and bright as well!